About Our Sicilian Heritage
     Sciara, (my family's original home town), is a municipality in the Province of Palermo in the Italian region known as Sicily. Sciara is a small farming town which mainly harvests tomatoes, artichokes and olives. Palermo is Sicily's cultural, touristic, and economic capital. The city is also rich in art, history, music and food. Palermo attracts a significant amount of tourists each year and is widely known for its colorful fruit, vegetable and fish market, known as Vucciria. The patron saint of Palermo is Saint Rosalia, whose feast day is celebrated in July of each year.

     Palermo Cathedral is the city's cathedral and main church. It is characterized by the presence of different architectural styles, due to a long history of restorations, and additions to the cathedral. Aside from many churches, Palermo has beautiful palaces and musuems that are full of beauty and wonder. Palazzo dei Normanni, one of the most beautiful Italian palaces, is the gathering place for the Sicilian Regional Assembly. The Museo Archaelogico Regionale is the main musuem of Italy, and house remains from a variety of civilizations.

     Classic opera houses, such as the Teatro Massimo, are actively in use. Beautiful beaches are also part of the greatness that grace the city of Palermo and its bordering land. Right outside of Palermo lies Mondello beach, known for its beauty, warm winds and breathtaking views. Palermo truly embodies a city of history, family cultural experiences, and attractions that can spark the most adventurous of souls. I am honored and proud to have my family roots in Palermo.

Warmest regards,

Andrew (Owner/Head Chef of LaMonica's Salumeria)