LaMonica's Salumeria, Croton-On-Hudson, Westchester County
    LaMonica's Salumeria has been proudly serving its patrons for several years. LaMonica's was started because of the inspiration that its owner Andrew got from watching his maternal grandparents (The LaMonica's) provide a livelihood by farming back home in Sicily. Their pride in food was evident, and their work ethic was remarkable. That same family love of food, in addition to Andrew's 18 years of experience in the craft and perfection of cooking, is what lead to the start of LaMonica's Salumeria.

    All those that enter LaMonica's doors each day are confident in knowing that they are receiving superb quality foods, made from the freshest ingredients. The owner and staff at LaMonica's provide exceptional customer service and have always proven that there is nothing that can not be done to fulfill a customer's request. LaMonica's prides itself on it's commitment to its patrons.

    LaMoinca's provides a taste for every pallet, with catering done at all levels. From small intimate events, to large and lavish affairs, LaMonica's is happy to fulfill any catering needs. LaMonica's will give you the personal attention that you need from the planning phases of your event, to the close of your event. LaMonica's provides delivery services and wait staff if desired. It promises to supersede and expectation that you will have for your catering needs. LaMonica's provides fresh, homemade mozzarella, many imported pastas, a selection of olive oils, and a variety of sauces to compliment any meal. Mortadella and Sopressata are also among the imports at LaMonica's.

    The famous write George Bernard Shaw once said that "There is no love sincerer than the love of food". That is simply the premise LaMonica's brings to life!

    The LaMonica name has it roots in Sciara, a municipality in the Province of Palermo in the Italian region known as Sicily...

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